HomeworkMarket – He added that members of the Platform will not take part in consultations with the President, because – as rated – Andrzej Duda he does not take them seriously.

Now regional cooperation would be more flexible and based on risk analysis. Regions could be created, for example. Along key transport corridors gas. Deputy Minister of Energy Michael Kurtyka told reporters in Brussels that Poland is able to agree on a solution, provided that the regions will be defined in the Regulation and the scope of cooperation will be clarified in the regulations. European Commissioner for. Miguel Canete Climate Action stressed that the EC assessment is the foundation for regional cooperation when it comes to ensuring security of supply of gas or electricity. “I am glad that there was support for regional cooperation, although not exactly in such form, as proposed by the EC, but it still has to be significant cooperation” – pointed. Member States also want to change the proposals on the transparency of gas contracts between the companies. The EC proposed that the most important for the energy security of the EU were presented immediately after the conclusion (so she could check if there are no unauthorized entries). Member States shall propose to carry out control not in Brussels, but the national regulatory authorities, and only in a second step, it could propose the European Commission. One of information, which is not passed along to the contract, would supply price. The third issue, which the ministers were working, were the principles of solidarity, talking about when run mechanism that would result in support for one country at the expense of the other. Under proposed by the EC solidarity clause great customer from one EU country would not receive gas, if the neighboring EU country would have problems with the supply of the most needy, vulnerable consumers. However, this causes problems for the compensation of the losses that are associated with cut off their supplies of gas, eg. Industry in one country, to help heat homes or hospitals in another country. Poland is in favor of it, to the details in this case to move to level agreements between Member States. “To the question operationalized (Solidarity – PAP), we can move it to the level of bilateral discussions between Member States. Otherwise, it would require a complete version of the new regulation,” – said Kurtyka. Work on the final shape of the legislation will begin after the Member States of the EU Council and the European Parliament will set their negotiating positions. From Brussels Krzysztof Strzępka (PAP) Zybertowicz was asked on TVN24 on Tuesday’s collision presidential limousine. After moving through the so-called presidential limousine. a separator that separates the lane from the tramway at one of Krakow’s bridges, president Andrzej Duda switched to another car and continued his trip to Bochnia – said the State Security Service (SOP). No one, nothing happened. The incident took place on the bridge Silesian Insurgents Starowislna Street in Krakow. Zybertowicz asked if he thinks the president is reckless driver, said: “I was a little worried, I wonder if a reorganization (the Government Protection Bureau) has not contributed to a temporary fall in the efficiency (of the service). You have to look at it would be.” February 1 came into force a law that the State Security Service shall be appointed in place of the Government Protection Bureau. SOP protects the most important people and objects, also gained permission operational rozpoznawcze.zobacz also: SOP: The President of the collision continued to travel to Bochnia in another limousine »Zybertowicz stressed that he is not responsible” for the physical security of the president, “but – as noted – “definitely” should take a look at the National Security Bureau. “Because it is normal that the reorganizations cause transient (inefficiency) – before they improve – sometimes there is a delay in responding, but unfortunate that it is so” – said the presidential adviser. On the note that was previously “incident with the tire in the presidential limousine,” Zybertowicz stressed that “people, which corresponded to the then tire management, are already out of service.” Asked if he would like the driver who drove the president on Tuesday, Zybertowicz responded that “does not necessarily bear the consequences”; He pointed out that the collision did not have to be caused by driver error. A spokeswoman for the State Security Service jr. Chor. Anna-bomb Gdula said that during Tuesday’s column passing through the center of Krakow SOP, a car invaded the so-called main. a separator that separates the lane from the tramway, resulting in on-board computer pointed to reduce the level of air in the front right wheel. “The incident did not create threats to protect,. The car, which was damaged tire, alone reached the place of technical inspection” – assured the SOP. “Police officers secured the presidential limousine, so that it did not have access to unauthorized persons and to allow for possible further activities related to this event road” – said on Tuesday the PAP spokesman for the National Police Headquarters mł. Insp. Mariusz Ciarka. In December, in Opole District Prosecutor’s Office discontinued the investigation into the accident involving another vehicle of the Government Protection Bureau, which drove President Andrzej Duda. The proceedings related to the events section of Opole on the A4 motorway, which took place on 4 March 2016 year. When driving in the passenger tire burst BMW, which was traveling Andrzej Duda. The drivers were able to safely pull over anyone and nothing happened. According to the findings of the investigators, the incident took random character; impact on the rate of degradation of the tires during the event was the speed of the car, as well as her age and degree of wear. Prosecutor pointed out that the evidence presented did not allow to exclude beyond doubt the possibility of tire failure due to a manufacturing defect. Excluded, however, that the accident was caused by a bad technical condition of the car. The case was also investigated issues of installation used, withdrawn from the operation of the tire and compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the circumstances surrounding the purchase of the BOR type PAX tires. “These issues have been identified by order of partial dismissal of the investigation covered entirely confidential clause” – said the prosecutor’s office in Opole. A disaster On Monday, the president presented his draft laws on the National Judicial Council and the Supreme Court. The president has also prepared draft amendments to the konstytucji.W meeting with President @AndrzejDuda participate: @RyszardTerlecki @styszka @RyszardPetru @ KosiniakKamysz- Krzysztof Lapinski (@kplapinski) September 25, 2017, Andrzej Duda said that in its draft regulations for. The National Council of the Judiciary is a mechanism assuming that if within two months Parliament does not choose a 3/5 majority vote of the National Court Register, to select from among the candidates submitted to the Sejm will perform the President. He also said that he has prepared a draft constitutional amendments that will allow the president to make the appointment of the members of the National Court in a situation where they do not wybierze.zobacz Sejm also Annusewicz ws. Judicial reform: President Andrzej Duda put on his “The President invited representatives of the clubs in the consultation on the changes in the basic law. In the meeting, the head of the club PiS, Ryszard Terlecki deputy Parliament Speaker, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Stanislaw Tyszka (kukiz’15), President of the PSL Wladyslaw Kosiniak- Kamysz, as well as the leader of Modern Ryszard Petru. The meeting was not attended by a representative of the OP. AFTER Jan Grabiec spokesman said that the platform does not see any reason to talk at this point to change the constitution. He added that members of the Platform will not take part in consultations with the President, because – as rated – Andrzej Duda he does not take them seriously. “If the invitation arrives for a consultation at. 12.36 sms, it means they do not have to be a serious political talks, but only a semblance of conversation” – the Advocate PO.zobacz also: What is extraordinary complaint? President proposes changes in the judiciary “the president said on Monday that the bill on the Supreme Court introduces, among others an extraordinary petition, the possibility of bringing an action against a final decision of any court. As he said, the project is also a record that the Supreme Court judges passed retire at the age of 65 years, with the possibility of an extension to the president to rule. According to the bill, the Supreme Court will also be created by the Disciplinary Chamber. In the context of the discussion of the Malaysian flight MH17, which was shot down by a missile over Ukraine (…) belonging to the Russian army (…) I reminded my colleagues from the European Council about the crash of the Tu-154 and the fact that the whole are waiting www.homeworkmarket.me/ for the return of the wreckage – said Morawiecki.zobacz also Karczewski: Prime Minister answered questions from senators – the opposition should be satisfied »He pointed out that this discussion is so difficult,” because here operate in the regime, which, unfortunately, in 2010. he took out about this from the jurisdiction of Polish “. “In the case of the crash of MH17 situation is different. It is better, stronger support from the UN. However, we will insist on the truth and return of the wreckage of the plane,” – said the prime minister. Ambassadors of the member countries adopted on Friday in Brussels to discuss the mandate ws. Amendments to the Gas Directive, which concerns the Nord Stream pipeline 2. The position of the EU Council, limiting the use of regulation, so that in consequence of the Nord Stream 2 would be covered by EU law on territorial waters of Germany. The legal conditions for the remainder of the pipeline would have to be negotiated by Germany with Russia in the framework of the intergovernmental agreement. The content of this agreement, however, would have to agree, the European Commission, which – as indicated by the diplomats of the countries opposing the Nord Stream 2 – will have to follow when assessing the EU law. Representatives of these countries at the same time emphasize that the alternative to adopt a position in this form was the death favorable for us dyrektywy.zobacz project also CBOS 51 percent. Law and Justice’s actions well after more than three years of power »According to Polish diplomats, the mandate of the Member States is beneficial for Polish and countries opposing the Russian-German project. “As a result of the marginalization of the Polish position in the EU, as a result of the lack of opportunities, skills and a desire to build PiS coalition in the EU, this directive is very harmful, because instead of blocking the Nord Stream project II legitimizes its existence and makes the German government the only regulator that will decide on the conditions of operation of the pipeline, “- he said at a press conference b. MEP Pawel Zalewski. “It’s a big failure caused by very poor Polish PiS politics” – rating. In his opinion, this is the effect of “a lack of skills and the desire to” build coalitions in the EU by the PiS. “Today the only solution to this project are to improve the negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council on this issue,” – he said. “Our expectations, unfortunately, can not go too far, because it very rarely happens that in these negotiations, Parliament was able to change radically – and this change radyklana is needed today – a project that comes from the Council,” – he added. Deputy Andrzej Halicki commented, in turn, a conference on peace and security in the Middle East, which will take place in Warsaw on 13-14 February. “This American conference, which takes place on Polish soil – for so it must be defined – no doubt violates our interests, which are associated with a good image in the Middle East, and above all with the ability to play connector, also a negotiator in a situation different positions in relations European-American. Today we join in one direction and one narrative foreign policy, from the perspective of the American “- rated Halicki. Deputy – in view of the upcoming elections to the European Parliament – stressed how important it is that Poland had good representation in the EP and very effectively functioning government that would rebuild our position in the Union. “Poland, its security is dependent on our very strong position in Europe, including economic development and civilization” – he added. Their participation in the Middle East conference in Warsaw confirmed approx. 60 delegations, including approx. 10 Middle East countries and all EU Member States – told PAP Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz. Ministerial meeting devoted to the security of the Middle East, which is co-organized by Poland and the United States, will take place in Warsaw on 13-14 February. The conference will be attended by, among others, US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Not coming to Warsaw EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. Iran, which was not invited to the conference, several times was very critical about the fact that Poland is a co-organizer of the event and warned that it could adversely affect bilateral relations. People gathered at ul. Franciscan 3, in front of the archbishop of Krakow hours of the morning, although Francis was then in the Riversides Mass. They hoped that after his return – although it was not planned – will approach the famous “papal window”. They chanted: “Papa Francesco,” Bless “and” “Open a window” to encourage him to go to them. In the meantime, unleashed a storm and heavy rain poured down. Spread umbrella this time did not protect against the heat, but the rain. Capricious weather, however, was not alienated waiting to Francis; on the contrary – screaming, laughing and it further called out. “Cardinal release Pope,” – shouted as visits, Krakow John Paul II or Benedict. They sang the “Abba, Father” and – the favorite song of John Paul II – “Barka” .Blisko hours. 16 Francis appeared in the window. Euphoria erupted among the pilgrims. The Pope thanked for the warm welcome and asked to pray for him. Gave his blessing gathered with them and refused to “Hail Mary.” “Goodbye” – he said in Polish. At this point, she struck by lightning and the sky lit up. Then the storm broke. Yet while people stood under umbrellas, then quickly they began to leave the Franciscan. Some of them took refuge in the hall of the nearby basilica franciszkańskiej.Z Krakow Anna Tustanowska (PAP) The head of the Free and Solidarni said that his assessment of the elections is different than the one presented by his son – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. “I think the outcome of the election is a Pyrrhic victory for the PiS, largely a victory of money over solidarity; the Round Table agreements victory over a better, fairer Polish” – said K.


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